New England UFOs

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Centuries before the U.S. Air Force launched Project Blue Book or mysteries swirled around the enigmatic Area 51, the Puritans in 1639 witnessed a great light in the sky over Massachusetts. It was the first recorded sighting of an unidentified flying object. Now, sightings are so common they're not even front-page news, and the Air Force just released all the records from Project Bluebook.Despite all this, there remain sightings that cannot be easily explained. Are we being visited by another species? The Universe, it seems, is full of mystery.

Tracing the strange history of UFO sightings in the region, Taryn Plumb presents the stories of sightings or events in each New England state. Many are unexplained sightings of strange objects or lights in the sky; and some tell the tales of alien encounters and even abductions. All will keep you glancing to the night sky, wondering what that was out of the corner of your eye.