Awkward Family Pet Photos

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Go into any home with a pet - whether it's a cat, dog, bird, or monkey - and you'll find that they are the most pampered, popular and cherished member of the family. In turn, our furry friends love us unconditionally, shower us with affection, and because of them, we actually live longer. But let's face it, sometimes our adoration for them can make us go a little overboard. Like knitting them jumpers, giving them middle names, convincing ourselves that they really want to wear a pink diamond-studded Prada collar or making them pose as the baby Jesus for our Christmas card. And things get even more awkward when we try to capture that special bond on camera...Here, in possibly the funniest book ever published, Mike Bender and Doug Chernack showcase the very best photos from their award-winning website to show us just how strange people's relationships with their pets can be. The bizarrely awkward poses adopted by the human subjects are hilarious enough, but it's the animals who are the true stars of the show here. Whether it's rabbits with their naked owners, monkeys dressed like babies, or cats balanced on the kids, their expressions all say the same thing- 'Why me?'