Malachite Bracelet

Malachite Bracelet

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Malachite is known as the traveler stone, as it protects you from harm or accidents as you're on-the-go.  Malachite's energy strengthens our ability to take action in the world and to create form from our thoughts and ideas. It drives you to create and manifest all that you dream and desire.  Malachite also assist one in maintaining emotional balance, in which one remains in a positive, benevolent state and can enhance will power. 

  • Bracelet is finished with sterling silver hardware
  • Bead size on bracelet is 5MM
  • Bracelet is available in multiple sizes on stretch cord.  

Sizes: Wax & Wane bracelets are sized by the measurement of your wrist. If your wrist measures...

5.5" order a 6" bracelet

6", order a 6.5" bracelet

6.5", order a 7" bracelet

7", order a 7.5" bracelet

7.5", order an 8" bracelet